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Beautiful, custom websites built to grow your business. All in under two weeks.

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Pick two three.

Lift doesn't sacrifice. With us, you receive a fully designed website solution within budget - all in under two weeks. Your personal designer at Lift gets to know your brand, then builds a website that creates real growth for your business. We broke the rules to benefit you.

Like, Holy Crap!
Easy to Update
Look Ma, No Templates!

No templates here

Get a custom website
with a personal designer.

Lift offers a personally designed website for your business. No need for templates. No confusion over site management.

Your on-staff personal designer understands how to build a site that delivers. With off-the-shelf solutions, your ability to draw traffic is limited by your template and expertise. With Lift, we handle the expertise for you.

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We have lift off

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01Tell us about you

We're here to serve you. That's why we want to dive into your brand and vision. By answering our initial questionnaire, sending over brand assets, and meeting with your personal Lift designer, you help us become an extension of your team.

02We build your design

Your personal designer takes your direction and runs with it. Now that we share your goals, we make design decisions, upload content, and optimize your site. We'll focus on the site. You focus on your business.

03Launch your website!

When you're ready to go, we are too! Not only does our team launch your site, but we also help you get started on SiteWrench, your content management system. Lift provides a tutorial and ongoing support so you can manage your site with ease.

You have questions?

We have answers.

How long does the process take?

Two weeks or less. Our clock starts when we receive your brand assets. From there, you meet your personal Lift designer to go over your goals and vision.

Then, we build. We design your site with your brand in mind. Within two weeks, your new site is ready for launch!

What platform will my site be built on?

SiteWrench, our fully hosted, secure content management system! SiteWrench gives you control to easily manage and edit content on a daily basis. You don’t have to call us to make changes. You can do it yourself.

Before hopping into SiteWrench, Lift provides you with a training tutorial and provides ongoing support. We’re a team and here to help you.

What if I don't have content?

That's totally fine! Our team at Lift writes website copy for businesses in a variety of industries and can do the same for you.

For an added cost, you won't have to spend a block of your time thinking about topics or writing copy for numerous pages. We'll do the work. You reap the benefits. 

What if I don't have a logo?

Don't fret. Our team at Lift designs logos for brands regularly and is happy to work with you to do the same. 

As an added cost, we talk through your vision and design a logo that speaks to and enhances your brand. We want you to be proud of your logo. Show it off!

What if I'm not happy with my design?

Our goal is to build a site with your brand in mind. The design should be attractive and accomplish your business goals. If you aren't satisfied, we work with you to resolve any concerns.

Your delight is guaranteed.

Who designs my site?

A personal designer on our Lift team. That's right, you receive a personal designer dedicated to building you a beautiful, customized website.

You don't have to worry about your information trickling through different hands. No communication gaps here. Why? Your personal designer is an extension of your business. 

Who Backs Lift?

Lift takes pride in being part of the Speak Creative family, a full-service digital agency that focuses on web design, digital marketing, development, and branding. Speak serves a range of clients -- from small businesses to the world’s largest aquarium.

What does that mean for you? With Lift, you get the experience and knowledge of a digital agency paired with a focus on small businesses. Lift and Speak actively invest in small businesses. We work together, hand-in-hand.

Can I track my website data?

Of course! Once you launch, our team will send you monthly analytic reports that will allow you to dig into the numbers – site visits, searched terms, keyword rankings, social analytics, and more.

Value the numbers. We’ll help you get started.

We've got answers

Still not convinced? Dang.

Let's look at our options

Lift is the Goldilocks choice. Self-service options are certainly cheap, but they're not custom-designed and all the work is on you. Web agencies can do amazing things (we know, we're part of one!), but you may not be ready for that sort of investment. Lift brings professional, custom design with a quick turn around and a doable budget.

Self-Service Options Lift Agencies
Quality Uh oh Much better
Much better
Personal Designer Uh oh Much better Much better
Custom Design Uh oh Much better Much better
Focus on growth Uh oh Much better Much better
Support Uh oh Much better Much better
Ease Of Use Uh oh Much better Much better
Launch Date Variable (depends on your schedule) 2 Weeks (or less)
3+ Months
Price Dirt Cheap (Everyone knows you
get what you pay for.)
Priced to please!

Delight Guaranteed

Pure Happiness & So Much More

  • Dedicated designer Personal designer
  • Up to 20 pages 20 pages included
  • Up to three styled templates Three styled templates
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization Initial Search Engine Optimization
  • One round of revisions Delight guaranteed
  • Fully hosted website with 99.99% uptime Fully hosted with 99.99% uptime
  • Up to three widgets (choose from form, calendar, blog, etc) Three styled widgets
  • Edit your content with Sitewrench Edit your own web content
  • Training video Includes Training

$5,000+ pick a monthly plan (starting at $100/month)

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Lift is a brand of Speak Creative, a full-service digital agency that focuses on web design, digital marketing, development, and branding.